The only presentation tool you'll ever need

At TouchCMA, we believe that your presentation tool should complement your expertise, so we created a simple and streamlined interface with modern presentation features to help you stand out, attract clients and win more business.

You'll love using TouchCMA

TouchCMA is changing the game. It's easy to use and has all the end-to-end presentation features realtors need like the ability to pull the freshest MLS data into presentations on the fly, add and edit custom marketing pages and perform live and in-depth market analysis quickly and accurately.

Flexible and agile

As your conversation with your client evolves, so can your presentation. Easily edit and update your buyer and seller presentation with fresh MLS data, even mid-presentation. Because TouchCMA isn't a static PDF, your presentation or CMA can adopt as your conversation with your client evolves. Need to make a price adjustment or add a comp in the middle of your presentation? With TouchCMA you can.

Customize for your market and brand

Tailor every presentation and CMA to your brand and market with price adjustments, custom off market comps and your own marketing pages. You know your market and clients best, so we make it easy for you to show off your expertise.

All your presentations, on all your devices

Because TouchCMA runs in the cloud, you'll always have the latest version of your presentation synced to your iPad app, laptop or any other Internet-enabled device you use. Make updates on your computer and present on your iPad. If a comp changes status or price before your consultation, your CMA updates and your credibility stands.

Stunning reports that impress

We make you look good. Visually stunning, full color interactive presentation and PDF reports are a mere click away.

I successfully won all of my listing presentations this week using TouchCMA. One client told me "We've interviewed several agents and no one has come close to giving a presentation like this... you're hired!" Truly an awesome product!

Maria Muriello - Dilbeck Real Estate

Simply put, TouchCMA sets me apart from my competition. In a listing consultation it allows me to "show" my client where their home sits in the market rather than simply "tell" them. It's an important tool for me and it positions me as a market expert.

Phil Greely - Windermere Real Estate

Create your first interactive presentation in minutes

We've streamlined the presentation creation process into five easy steps. Sign up and complete a professional presentation with live MLS data in minutes. Seriously.

Tons of Features You'll Love

  • You're never limited to a static PDF again
  • Fully customizable for your brand and market
  • Pull in the freshest MLS data during your presentation
  • Create and add your own custom marketing pages
  • Show your clients market conditions with interactive graphs and charts
  • Embed video and other rich media directly into your presentations
  • Create unlimited buyer and seller CMAs
  • Automatically sync presentations between devices
  • Interactive presentations with live data points
  • Share your interactive presentations with your clients
  • Create and edit your presentations and CMAs from any device with web access
  • Drill down into MLS details mid presentation, including all available photos mid presentation

The best way to learn about TouchCMA is to look under the hood. Our free 30-day trial takes less than a minute to set up and is 100% free.